Team POC+RITTE is a Los Angeles-based amateur squad that gets to ride the world's greatest bikes and wear the coolest helmets, glasses and kits in the known universe. There's a good number of State Champions in there, but winning isn't the team's primary goal. After all, they're a bunch of grown men racing around on bicycles, does it really matter who wins? 

Kyle and Nico racing in the California desert. Photo:

Riders pictured top to bottom: Dan Green, Andrew Tight, Kyle Johnston, Nico McCarthy-Moya, Aaron Wise, Brett Cleaver, Michael Piccirelli, Bobby Rees, Alan Zinniker, Rob Shaw, Nicolas Humphrey, Treavor Matsushima, Zane Torre, Tristan Orford, TT Traughber, Brad Williams, Alan Zarembo. Team Manager: Spencer Canon