The Poseur Sport designed "Bastard Rittes" by Spencer Canon

Alex Ostroy of PoseurSport is a unique design talent. A trained commercial illustrator and lifelong cyclist, Alex has been involved in every aspect of the sport: lending his design and marketing expertise to Industry clients and his own ventures. Alex has been a long-time friend of us here at Ritte, and we've always been big fans of his work.

One of Alex's projects is designing unique paint designs for frames and we recently unloaded a bunch of demo Bosbergs, Vlaanderens and Snobs to be used as blank canvases for his madness. Of course, Alex's imagination can't be executed by just any painter. So the notable painter James Terrani brings these things to life.

So what were once collecting dust in storage, are now the reborn as some beautiful, crazy Bastards. Bravo.

For more about PouserSport and the kits, bikes and design, check out the website.


We took some GoPros to a photoshoot with Ritte Sponsored Athlete Ivan Dominguez. We got some footage of Ivan and POC+Ritte rider Dan Green descending Latigo Canyon in Malibu California and Ivan showed off his high-speed side-saddle technique.

Dealer Spotlight: Bike Central by Spencer Canon

BC Store Front.jpg

1) What inspired you to start Bike Central?
Monte, an ace mechanic, was moving back to the area, Mark was looking to make some changes in his life, and I had a plumbing and heating business with a beautiful but unused showroom (people don’t really care what their water heater looks like, they just want hot water). I've been riding bikes since the '70s and had toyed with the idea of opening a shop for years. So, we emptied the showroom of all the plumbing and heating equipment and filled it with bicycles. We figured if things didn’t work out we could liquidate the inventory with not much lost. Four years later, and I'm spending more and more time playing with bikes and less time unclogging toilets.

 2) What are some of the ways that Bike Central interacts and connects
 with the local riding and racing scene? We religiously hold a Tuesday night community ride. People meet at the shop, go for a ride, and finish back at BC for a potluck style meal. We also put on Frosty Cross, Northwest Iowa’s only USA Cycling sanctioned cyclocross race, and in 2014 we’re putting together a cyclocross team to compete in the region.

3) What drew you to working with Ritte Cycles as a brand you sell? Before we even had a shop my oldest son saw the Ritte cycles gladiator ad in Road magazine. They seemed to embody the fun, carefree attitude we've always associated with cycling. It was a no brainer when we opened, we had to carry Ritte.

4) Who's your pick for this years Tour de France?  Froome.

5) What do you think the cycling community could use more of in 5 words or
less? Equal men's and women's payouts.

6) Do you have a favorite local ride? RAGBRAI. There's nothing else like it in the world.

7) Best CX hand-up you've ever received? I always love a cold Keystone Light. I don't know how they make it so good and sell it so cheap.

8) What are some unique services or features of Bike Central?
Where else can you get a Crossberg and a new garbage disposal? Joking aside, Monte’s bike fit expertise gives us a leg up in the region and offering a brand like Ritte in small town Iowa is a huge source of pride for us.